Saturday, July 23, 2016


 Dew Tour is back, so get ready for some skateboarding action this weekend!
The Dew Tour is a yearly Mountain Dew sponsored skateboarding competition happening in Long Beach right now.
Dew Tour brings top, up and coming talent and, with Los Angeles losing X Games a few years back, this is the best chance fans of the sport have to see their favorite athletes compete.
Leaving Downtown L.A., Dew Tour chooses Long Beach for their events, getting a bigger space at the Long Beach Convention Center for the expected big crowds.
The best thing of Dew Tour is that it's FREE for all!

Aside from the competition side, there are things to do if, say, one isn't a big fan of skateboarding (but, really, you gotta give it to the athletes, they give it their all out there!), like the Dew Tour VR Experience, where you get to paint in a VR setting, as well as fly a drone in POV!
Many of the sponsoring companies give out shirts and prizes, so there's fun to be had for everyone!

The Long Beach Convention Center is located at 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

Fini girls demonstrate how to pose for their photo booth. 

Local Artist Michael G Hsiung sharing stories as he finishes his live art piece for the day. 

Gear and other swag is available for those that complete instagram challenges that earn them points.

Dew Tour Attendies also got to pick one of 6 different artworks for their free custom made hat. Art courtesy of Michael Hsiung.

How the other half lives, VIP Area.
A view from above; at the VIP/Press area.

Practice makes perfect, so athletes took advantage of this practice day before the competition.

The young crowds gather at a merchandise booth to win prizes

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