Sunday, July 24, 2016

Guerreiro: The Tiago Lemos Story Premiere

Dew Tour premiere of Mountain Dew's Greenlabel documentary "Guerreiro: The Tiago Lemos Story" on Friday, July 22. This short documentary tell the rise to fame of Lemos, who is as talented as they come on the skateboard but faced the challenge of coming from a poor Brazilian family.
Before the fans got to see the movie, Lemos and friends representing a surprise post Guerreiro screening of "We Are Blood: Bonus Edit", a collection of extra footage from We Are Blood.
Between movies, a lucky fan won a Lemos skateboard, getting to meet him as well.
Guerreiro was short but to the point. It's a good reminder that talent can get you a long way, but it's also got to do a lot with luck and who you know, but it's good to know that not all of the skating world is full of privileged kids. The extra footage from Blood was amazing. Cut the talking and replace it with more tricks being pulled, and that's what you get, all those hours of footage shot had to go somewhere, and here they were! The sound of the crowd cheering after every completed run, the clapping, the emotion that run in the theatre was intoxicating, this is the way to see films, with an audience that enjoys what's on the screen and that's what we got to experience this night.
We Are Blood is already available on DVD, and for more info on Guerreiro:
Fans waiting patiently for the Tiago Lemos signing.

Posters of the film were provided for the signing.

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