Monday, March 27, 2017

Anarchy In Asian America: Sex, Punk, and Transgressive Cinema

Independent film in the 1990s saw the birth of Queer Cinema, along with more DIY "punk rock" films, most of them would not even qualify as films to the more snobby film afficionados, more in the realm of an "Art Film" or "Cult" banner. What all these movies had in common was that at their core there was a  Fuck Society/Fuck the System attitude, each with their own style and message. On Friday, March 22, 2017, three of these independent auteurs were part of the event, moderated by Strand Releasing's Co-Founder/Co-President Marcus Hu on a "make up" panel, with Gregg Araki, Roddy Bogawa & Jon Muritsugu, since all of them couldn't make it before.
Moderator Marcus Hu (Strand Releasing) asking the though questions, Gregg Araki, Jon Muritsugu & Roddy Bogawa

Gregg Araki

Gregg Araki, Jon Moritsugu, Roddy Bogawa

Amy Davis, Marcus Hu, Gregg Araki

Amy Davis, Gregg Araki, Jon Moritsugu

James Duvall

Marcus Hu, James Duvall, Gregg Araki

Marcus Hu, Gregg Araki, Jon Moritsugu, Roddy Bogawa

The night started with clips from each panelist highlighting their career, followed by stories of how they met and their individual contributions to independent and Asian cinema (though that would be questionable as many of their films don't have Asian leads), with some guest speakers popping up to fill in the tales, Amy Davis, Jon Morisugu's muse and co band member and James Duvall, Gregg Araki's lead on the Teen Apocalypse Trilogy, but don't let me paraphrase the night, you can see it below:  

 For more photos from the event, visit our facebook page:


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