Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Menace II Society Q&A

On March 21, 2017, USC's School of Cinematic Arts' Movies We Love series, screened Menace II Society with a post Q&A with Co-Director Albert Hughes and Writer Tyger Williams.
Menace II Society was considered one of those films that weren't in tune with other "Black" films from the era, even a disservice to the Black community given its depiction of gang/drug life in the hood. The film still holds to this day, whilst it wasn't the better made of the 90s gang films, it tries to stay true to life in South Central, what causes people to turn to drug dealing, violence and gangs.
After the film, Hughes and Williams (unfortunately, producer Darin Scott and actor Tyrin Turner, who were scheduled to attend couldn't make it) who were both in their 20s when the movie was made, explained how they got a movie made. They spoke about their work in music videos, told the audience about the production of the film, Tupac's involvement, altercations with Halley Berry, amongst many, many more anecdotes.

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  1. Menace II Society left all its audience awestruck.Its fan really wanted to see its crew and wanted to ask questions from them.Its a great idea to arrange Q/A session with them.