Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pokémon Go Event At Little Tokyo

Last Saturday, July 30, I went to check out the Pokemon Go event at Little Tokyo. Many nerds came together to celebrate and catch as many Pokemon's as they could get, it was wonderful!

The schedule lined up just like this:

12:15 - Event kick off at Weller court

12:30 - Group photo & Pokemon opening karaoke

12:45 - Registration for the cosplay, art contest and Pokemon 3DS tournament.

1:00 - Pokemon hunting at Grand Park*
- Pokemon games & crafts at JACCC Plaza
- Scavenger hunt around Little Tokyo

2:00 - Art contest at Little Tokyo Galleria

4:00 - Pokemon 3DS tournament (more details coming soon) at Little Tokyo Galleria

5:00 - Cosplay contest at Weller Court

6:00 - Last group photo & closing at Weller Court

Just like a little mini Pokemon convention, vendors were outside selling Team shirt, pins and hats at $15, there was an abundance of team valors were present.

A Karaoke event took place after in from of Murakai. In one of the videos, a fellow otakus is seen singing to Kanye West as others cheer. The atmosphere was terrific for the first ever Pokemon Go event of the year.

On the other side fellow players begin a Super Smash Bros melee contest. One player uses Pikachu, another uses Jiggly Puff and here we have a small Pokemon battle. Haha super fun.

The next event is set to take place in mid August, I can't wait!

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